Welcome to the Thenewclancats WikiEdit

This wiki is going to be a place where you guys get to post your OWN clan cat you made(I HAVE CLAIMED FIREPELT FOR MY OWN CAT! THANKS, YOU CAN HAVE ONE CALLED FIERYPELT BUT NO FIREPELT OR FIRE'S PELT)


  • You MUST have read at LEAST one book of Warriors
  • YOU, THE READER makes your own cat
  • Have fun!
  • If in chat, you may use caps, and short words like lol, brb, gtg, rofl etc.
  • Do NOT edit any of Firepelt the medicine cat's cats

Leader of this wikia: Firepelt the medicine cat

Deputy of this wikia: NONE

Other cats: NONE

To join please message Firepelt the medicine cat




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