This is Tangledpelt, the medicine cat of Lakeclan

Tangledpelt is a lean, strange colored tabby tom, with plenty of battle scars. He is blind and has no right eye.

Short part about himEdit

His mate Larkheart died in battle when Darkheart slashed her throat open. After that dreadful day he became medicine cat after Herbpelt died of a strange lump in his throat.

Story- Small chunkEdit

As Tangledpelt quietly stalked a Blackclan warrior pinning down his leader Reedstar he heard a blood-chilling shriek. He ran as quickly as a cheetah, leaping over dead cats. He froze, and stared at a lump of silver fur. "NO!! NOT LARKHEART!" He yowled as he leaped on Darkheart, who loomed over the gentle she-cat's dead body smirking evily. Tangledpelt ripped out tuffs of fur from Darkheart. Then it happened, Tanglepelt tripped over his tail and got pinned down by Darkheart. "I loved Larkheart first you furryfish, she would have been my mate first if she joined my clan. I already killed one of your kits, Goosekit, I'll kill YOU now." Darkheart snarled. He raised a paw of sharp claws, just like Tigerstar's and clawed his eye out and clawed his whole body. Suddenly a ginger shape leaped on Darkheart pinning him down. The beautiful ginger she-cat looked at Tangledpelt, she mewed, "Fire will kill Darkness, Tangles shall save the clan." At once he understood, this strange she-cat was Firepelt! He leaped away flinching as he heard a scream pinch the air. He turned around and saw Darkheart dead. The battle finally ended, and he carried his mate's body into Lakeclan's territory. He asked Reedstar if he could become a medicine cat, and Reedstar agreed. Then when they padded into Herbpelt's den they saw something shocking. Herbpelt was dead! As Tangledpelt looked over him, he saw a large lump in his throat. He told Reedstar and Reedstar made him Medicine cat at once.

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