Larkheart is Tangledpelt's mate, she is a silvery she-cat with 3 kits, Goosekit who is in Starclan with her and Reedpaw and Minnowpaw.

What happened to her?Edit

Darkheart killed her and left her bloody with plenty of scars. He also killed Goosekit. She is proud of Tangledpelt being a medicine cat so she can talk to him when he goes to the Moonlake every half moon.

Extra InfoEdit

She is from Lakeclan and she was loved by many cats, but her strongest love was Tangledpelt. She is a very beautiful she-cat. When she was an apprentice she fell in love with Tangledpelt when he would always look at her with sparkling eyes, and would tell the other tom apprentices that he will win her heart. When Darkheart saw her at a Gathering he fell in love with her then he noticed that her and Tangledpelt's tail twined together.

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