Darkheart is a lean, muscular, black tom. He is from Darkclan

Dog teeth collar? Why?Edit

When he died, his spirit has a collar full of the most meanest dog teeth. All evil cats now have dog teeth collars.

Part of his storyEdit

Darkheart padded with his clan to the Gathering, proud that he has become a warrior. He KNEW he was going to be the most strongest bravest and handsomest warrior EVER. As he sat down, proud of himself he noticed a pretty silver she-cat with her tail twined with a tom's tail. He slid out his claws when he saw her belly. Kits, she's going to have HIS kits, and I wanted her to come to Darkclan so we can have kits. We could have had a kit like Tigerstar, strong, and not afraid to kill. He plotted to kill one of her kits and to make her LOVE him. As the Gathering ended he padded up to her. "Hello" He meowed to her. "Hi!" She meowed back clearly with a voice full of love.

As the next Gathering came, he noticed she was not there. He slid out of the Gathering and sneaked into Lakeclan's territory and killed her strongest kit. He went to the lake and washed the blood off his claws. He padded up to her and meowed, "I love you, be my mate please." She declined and swam to her territory, giving him one last look of love filled in her eyes. He knew she liked him, if only she joined Darkclan, the two would have 5 healthy evil kits that would take over the clans.

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